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I Resident speelautomaat

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I Resident speelautomaat

I have taken over this dictionary from Grayson Morris at http: I hope I can find the time to maintain and improve it now Grayson's original disclaimer still applies though: This dictionary is not meant to be an authoritative reference.

No professional review i Resident speelautomaat taken place. It should be considered an in-progress work. Comments and requests for specific words are welcomed; please direct them to me and not Grayson any more. Also, please let me know if you link to this page, so that I can keep you updated if the page moves. Cassell's Dutch Dictionary36th edition, Macmillan publishing. Nederlands-EngelsHet Spectrum BV. Wolters Nederlands Koenen Woordenboek: Dutch class notes.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This dictionary uses an alphabet listing file which is common to multiple dictionaries on this site. It therefore contains letters which are found in one language, but not another. Zij is aan het eten i Resident speelautomaat She is eating i Resident speelautomaat. When talking about people, i Resident speelautomaat allen: Met z'n allen -- All of them.

Is het eten al klaar? Al is hij groot, ben ik niet bang voor hem -- Even if Even though he is big, I am not afraid of him. The single letter IJ, traditionally placed between X and Z in the Dutch alphabet, is increasingly omitted from Dutch dictionaries. In keeping with this trend, i Resident speelautomaat to assist clarity for the student of Dutch, words which begin with IJ are listed as though they begin with I in this dictionary. See achter for expressions involving place.

Nederland o the Netherlands. I Resident speelautomaat o het Dutch. Onze-Lieve-Heer m our Lord. Onze-Lieve-Vrouw v Our Lady. Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk -en v Our Lady's Church. For right as in correct, see goed. Use ofschoon or hoewel. For poor as in moneyless, see armoedig.

A type of curtain. The i Resident speelautomaat Y as first letter is found only in words of foreign origin in Dutch. In this location, it is pronounced as a Dutch Please click for source. One can also increasingly find Y in places historically occupied by the letter IJ; in this context, Y is pronounced as the Dutch IJ or EI diphthong.

To assist clarity for the student of Dutch, words which begin with IJ are listed as though they begin with I in this dictionary. We use the Dutch abbreviations m, o, v for nouns, since gender is not represented in English. For all other terms, we use English abbreviations.

Dutch bw or bijwoord. Dutch bn or bijvoeglijk i Resident speelautomaat. Dutch vgw or voegwoord. Maintained by the one and only Bad Mouse - http:

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